You have a financial advisor, a tax advisor, maybe even a trainer or nutritionist. So who plans what you do with your most precious commodity…your time? Our base consulting, planning & booking fees starts at $195 per trip, depending on your destination and length of travel.

Everyone receives a complimentary initial consultation.

To begin planning your ideal travel itinerary, we require a $195 plan-to-go deposit which will be applied to your total fee. The balance of your planning fee will be charged once you have “signed off” on your final itinerary.


Research & Development* Starting at $195 per trip* (non-refundable)

Approximately 4-hours


Delivery: Documents are e-ticketed.
Domestic ticket issuance and exchange $50 per ticket (non-refundable)
International ticket issuance and exchange $100 per ticket (non-refundable)